• bootstrap compost podcast interview

    4 | Bootstrap Compost

    There are so many ways people are making a positive impact for our environment. Every episode, we’ll talk to someone new doing great things for their communities and we’ll share resources to take action. Bootstrap Compost is a food scrap…

  • composting while traveling seattle airport
    Eco-Travel,  Zero Waste

    How to Compost While Traveling

    At this point, it’s common knowledge: we trash A LOT of food. Food waste is a major issue, with over 40% of our food ending up in the landfill every year. It’s one thing to practice better food storage techniques,…

  • community composting - wedge neighborhood in minneapolis
    Zero Waste

    5 Ways to Compost in an Apartment

    Do you want to divert food waste from the landfill but don’t have the yard to start composting? You’re in luck! With a little creativity and a lot of enthusiasm, there are ways to compost even if you live in…

  • Community composting initiatives pickup compost for residential homes
    Zero Waste

    Community Composting Initiatives

    Many cities, universities and workplaces have composting facilities in place to reduce the amount of organics sent to the landfill. If you do not have a commercial composting option available, look to Community Composting Initiatives by State:   Alabama University…