Sustainable Halloween Guide

sustainable halloween guide from green media

Who doesn’t have fond memories of dressing in tacky costumes, eating tons of candy and running amok? Halloween is the best holiday for kids and adults alike. As you start becoming more eco-conscious, it becomes blatantly apparent Halloween is a huge source of waste and unsustainable practices. The Halloween industry completely revolves around disposable items. It’s […]

Zero Waste Resources

zero waste meme

If you’re interested in sustainability, you’ve probably heard of the zero waste movement. Zero wasters aim to lead a sustainable life by limiting the waste they create so they don’t send anything to the landfill. Not only are they limiting the trash they produce, they’re also eating healthier foods, using less harmful beauty products, and […]

Community Composting Initiatives

Community composting initiatives pickup compost for residential homes

Many cities, universities and workplaces have composting facilities in place to reduce the amount of organics sent to the landfill. If you do not have a commercial composting option available, look to Community Composting Initiatives by State:   Alabama University of South Alabama Food Recycling Program (Mobile) Alaska Municipality of Alaska Program (Anchorage) Arizona Roots […]