We all want to live healthy, meaningful, and sustainable lives, but it’s not always easy to know how to do so. Step in Greenie Group! Ideas, inspiration, and action steps to live a more sustainable life and make a difference. Join the community, follow along for ideas, and create a more sustainable for yourself and the planet.

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Greenie Manifesto

Stay present. Increase awareness. Make our voices heard. Experience life. Live by our values. Think globally, act locally. Be a role model. Foster community. Make a difference.

As a greenie, I promise to:

  • Seek understanding of others
  • Be mindful of my surroundings
  • Always carry a reusable water bottle and travel mug
  • Find “my thing” to make a difference, whether it be with climate action, working with at-risk youth, or advocating for equal rights for all
  • Reduce my use of disposable plastics
  • Continuously improve my understanding of issues
  • Support renewable energy
  • Do my best to respect others with different beliefs
  • Simplify my life
  • Vote
  • Shop for sustainable clothes
  • Vocalize my beliefs
  • Ride public transit
  • Enjoy nature
  • Support sustainable businesses
  • Live by example
  • Be as energy-efficient as possible
  • Learn the basics about major issues
  • Enhance my community
  • Seek the most sustainable options for me–environmentally and economically
  • Reduce my household waste
  • Support community initiatives to reduce the need for a car
  • Volunteer
  • Challenge myself to be a local expert

Join the Greenie community to inspire, engage others, and spur action to make a more sustainable world for all of us.